How do you bring a park back to life? What about a series of parks? The Linear Parks are a series of three parks, just off of Yonge Street and south of Bloor. Originally a series of parking lots placed on the roof of the Yonge Subway, the parks now form a trail that many people in the area walk through on a day to day basis. Somewhere along the way however, the parks became disconnected from the city. As people stopped congregating in the parks, and started only using them only as a walking route, they became disconnected from the heart of the city they occupy. 

In March 2017, I founded Friends of the Linear Parks, to advocate for improving the condition of these parks, activate them with activities, and reimagine the ways the parks can be used. In May I hosted a Jane's Walk, acting as a dialogue for the community to engage and provide ideas on what the parks can do for all of us.
For more info on my walk, visit The Jane's Walk Website.

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